Is your dumpster safe for my driveway?  Yes, our dumpsters are driveway safe!  We have been safely delivering rolloff dumpsters for over 30 years!  If you happen to have an asphalt or brick paver driveway, we will automatically place boards under the dumpster to protect the driveway.  We will happily place boards under a dumpster even if you don't have asphalt or brick pavers, upon your request.  

Is there anything that I cannot put in the dumpster?  There are certain items/materials that are prohibited in Michigan landfills.  Click here for a list of those items/materials.

Are there any hidden fees or costs with your dumpster rentals?  No, our rates include delivery, removal and disposal.  There are no additional taxes or fees.  Beware of other companies that charge extra for delivery, fuel, environmental fees, etc.  The only time you may pay extra would be if the debris weighs more than what we include in our price or if you need the dumpster for longer than the agreed rental period.  We will disclose that to you when you place your order.

Do I need to be home when you deliver or remove the dumpster?  No, as long as we know where you want the dumpster placed and we have arranged a method of receiving payment from you, you do not need to be there for delivery.  The dumpster can be removed, without anyone being home, as long as it is not blocked.

Is it okay if I load the dumpster over the top?  No, please make sure all of the debris is contained inside the dumpster so that we can safely haul it.  We cannot haul an unsecure load so everything must be inside the dumpster.

How do I know what size dumpster I need for my project?  If you aren't sure, we will help you figure out what size will work best for your project.  If you're still unsure, we suggest going "too big" vs "too small" because it is still more cost effective to have more space than you need vs having to pay for a second dumpster.

Do you rent dumpsters for heavy materials like dirt, concrete, asphalt or bricks?  Yes, we do!  We can haul up to 10 yards of these heavy materials.  Let us know what you're disposing of and we'll find the most cost effective solution.

Do you rent dumpsters for yard waste such as brush, leaves, wood or stumps?  Yes, we do!  We can haul up to 40 yards of brush, leaves and wood.  We can haul stumps as long as most of the dirt has been removed.  We'll help you find the best solution for your needs.